NUTRI deo Frankincense Mini Travel Size Deodorant

NUTRI deo Frankincense Mini Travel Size Deodorant

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  • 100% Natural Mini Travel Deodorant
  • Free of Synthetic Antibacterials and Preservatives
  • With Natural Detoxifying Ingredients
  • Gentle on Sensitive Skin
  • Powdery Feel, Non-Staining
  • With Wonderful Organic Healing Frankincense
15g - .5 oz NUTRI deo 100% natural Frankincense  Deodorant Travel Size.  ALWAYS APPLY GENEROUSLY FOR MAXIMUM PROTECTION.

NUTRI deo on the go! The same silky dry feel in a smaller travel size format. Even when you apply generously - will not feel sticky. It's always best to apply to dry skin.

Formulated with Vermont distilled certified organic Frankincense essential oil. This oil is pristine and has demonstrated promising success with certain cancers. Studies are underway at several universities in the United States.

Experience the same long lasting natural protection in a travel size, that you can keep in your purse or carry on luggage. These little minis are available in 2 other natural fragrances.

NUTRI deo travel deodorant are a great way to test the product and see which works best for you. They also make a great gift. Why not give the gift of a healthy deodorant.

NUTRI deo does not stain clothes. 

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