New NUTRI deo On The Go

Posted by Tanya Workman Nuzzo on 12/12/2015 to News
They are finally here.... NUTRI deo on the go!

I've been wanting to create these for a long while even for myself. I love to carry it around in my purse. When I looked at what was available on the shelf or online in this category, I didn't see much at all. Most travel sizes are synthetic antiperspirants...yuck.

This size product is more labor intense and so more costly to make but they are sooooo cute :) Just couldn't resist. I though of teenagers too. They can keep it in their gym bag. With more active lifestyles, NUTRI deo on the go just might help fill in a gap.

Creating a natural healthy deodorant has been one of my main passions. I could go on and on about the trials and tribulations of getting to this end product, but I'll save that for another blog :). 

Right now I make them all by hand in small batches. 

We are going to sell them in 3 packs as well. Great stocking stuffers.